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Auto save/export file on save

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Is there a way to automatically export/save a file from an 'OpenEdge Project' to the file-system?
I want all my files of the project together in my workspace but i also want a copy of some files (no .r files) put on other places om my file-system.
I found that there is some setting specific for java (window - preferences - java - editor - save actions) but i didn't found those for other type of projects.

So I would like to find some way how I can specify some actions (run bat or ant-file) that needs to be performed on the save of some file in Progress Developer studio.

Someone has done something like this or has an idea how to do this?


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  • Hi Didier,

    You can write yourself some ABL code to get this done. For that, enable 'OEIDE events' of your project (default enabled), create a procedure name _idestartup.p, and subscribe to 'oeide_event'. Then, use the event 'After-Save' to copy the file to an other location.

    For more details, see:



  • Hi Arno,

    Thanks for that, I will certainly look at this!

    Strange, yestreday I already added the comment that I found a solution by adding an Ant-task/Ant-Builder to the project that does this job for me. But i can't find that comment anymore in this thread? (maybe forgot to save it?)