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problem publishing classic Rest service


problem publishing classic Rest service

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I have created a classic REST service "MyDataObject" attached to the sports database and set it to Create a Data Object service

there is Appserver class - Customer.cls as generated by creating a Business Entity as a CRUD operation against the Customer table

I used the example "KendoUIGridCRUD.html" and added it to the static directory then modified it to point to the rest service - changed the "dataSource" to ensure the jsdo is "Customer" and also modified the serviceURI and the catalogURIs

serviceURI = "localhost:8980/.../"

// catalogURIs: "localhost:8980/.../MyDataObjectService.json"
catalogURIs: "localhost:8980/.../MyDataObjectService.json"

When I tyr to publish the service the "MyDataObjectService" directory is created in C:\OpenEdge\WRK\tomcat_wrkdir directory but it has no contents

Anny suggestions on what the issue could be

Thanks Robert

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