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Using Standard Libraries

  • I'm trying to incorporate STL, ( from fellow , but can't compile now, as 

    file   libsfdc.i

    is nowhere to be found on my installment

    does someone knows what's wrong with my config?


    It says " libsfdc.i - API library (not included with the standard libraries).".

    "Although there are no documentations at this time please contact me if you have any questions or requests.

    Or help start a documentation project :)

    Alon Blich



  • Indeed it's stated that way, but reading further on doc, It was released version 3, wich supposedly included that new library...

    "...Version 3 of the Progress Standard Libraries Project is Available for Download

    Wed, 2011-08-03 16:25 — alonb

    Version 3 of the Progress Standard Libraries Project is available for download.

    Here's a short list of some of the new updates -

    1. Backup/Archive/Restore utilities.

    2. integration library.

    3. Google API library...."

    Being point #2 the missing one....

  • Hello Octavio,

    The project was started way back in the happy version 9 days and hasn't been updated in a long while although most libraries work and are still in use. If nothing else, you could use them for reference.

    Note that not all libraries will compile. For example: Windows libraries will not compile on UNIX/Linux. There's also QAD MFG/Pro libraries that again will not compile except in an MFG/Pro environment.

    Is there any specific library you are interested in? I've downloaded the latest version from

    The copy I've downloaded includes both the slibsfdc and slibgoogle libraries you mentioned. There's also a sample in the sample/ directory for the google library.

    The sfdc and google libraries were written almost a decade ago. I don't know but I doubt if they still work. It is likely the interface has changed by now. Again, you could use these libraries as reference.

    Kindest regards,