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bprowsdldoc (SOAP wsdl analyzer)

  • I like to know whether everybody is happy with this nice tool.

    It seems to be very touchy and sometime not very precise.

    - If a WS element has no namespace you get null error with no note which element is responsible
    - If there are nested elements (more than one level) it's a LONGCHAR parameter only - up to me do handle/convert the data / is it helpful to add the note that C# can handle it?
    - After adding another operation to the webservice, the 64bit version crashes (windows) - it's known for a longer time, solution: 32bit, I had luck that I found one

    So I need to have all the time a parallel 32bit OE installation to run this tool or do everything manual?

  • Stefan,
    Did you open a case with support and provide them the wsdl file that caused the 64 bit version to crash?
    If not, please do so today.  We can’t fix what we don’t know about.
    Brian Maher
    Principal Engineer, Technical Support
    14 Oak Park | Bedford, MA 01730 | USA
    +1 781 280 3075

  • Hi Brian,

    Within one day I can add another problem:

    Webservice has input and output but bpprowsdl shows only the input part.

    Current Case: 00445607 - you can take a look if you like

    And 00443795, 00442430