ABLUnit testcase wrapper for multiple inputs is not working as expected. For example : I wrote the test case for complete Customer detail Information Validation and having 1000 Customer ID detail in input CSV file (which is the actual result expected) . In ABLunit sampletest.p i'm reading the customer ID from Input CSV file one by one and calling the customerutility.p which will provide the Output data as TempTable for all the customers available in the application. For single CustomerID input from the CSV file the output result.xml in ablunit showing proper result (if its is valid customerid then in result.xml the testcase is displayed as Success and if it is not valid customerid in result.xml the output is displayed as testcase failed). But for multiple customerid as input from CSV file the output result.xml not displaying the proper test result,result.xml only created for the last customerid how to create the testcase in ablunit for multiple inputs from CSV file.