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Profiler timing discrepancies

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I'm trying to use the Profiler from within PDSOE to profile some code, but have noticed something strange. I have the following call structure:




If I select alpha.p, I can see that it has 4237 calls to beta.p, taking a total of 52s. However, if I select beta.p, I can see (in the top panel) that there have been 4237 calls (correct) for a total execution time of 24s. That's 28s that is missing in the timings.

Is this expected? I'm assuming that the timing is a difference between invoking the procedure and waiting for a response v timing the execution of the procedure once it has loaded into memory. We are running with -q, but the profiling is running on uncompiled code.

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  • Recently I was looking at a profiler output file in the profiler viewer in PDSOE (11.7.2) and noticed a discrepancy in the elapsed times shown for a given procedure between the call tree tab and the module details tab.  The former showed 296 ms, the latter showed 5 ms.  I believe the module details number was correct, as I loaded the file into the old profiler viewer tool and it also showed 5 ms for that procedure.  The bug is PSC00365228 and the fix is targeted for 11.7.4.  

    I'm not sure whether you are hitting the same bug or a different one.  I suggest you open a case with TS.

  • There can also be measurement error. If the measurement resolution is to the nearest millisecond (don’t know what it really is), then each individual measurement could be off by +/- 0.5 msec. or more for very samll intervals. Given enough measurements, instead of averaging out, it could produce larger errors, depending on the size of the measured intervals (say 0.6 msec) in a given procedure.