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Write To Console

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Is there anyway to write to the windows console like you can in c#.

For example, System.Console.WriteLine ("Test"). In C# this would be written to the windows console. I have tried this in OE11.7 but nothing is written to the windows console.

We are using a scripting tool to call prowin.exe to get the DB/App version and would prefer writing this info to console versus writing to text file.

Any ideas would be great.

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  • Yes. But you have to start the progress AVM in batch mode.  Using the -b flag when using the GUI or CHUI clients.


    If in batch mode, regular message statements (or PUT statements) will go to stdout.  If not in batch mode, they go to the screen.

    If running on appserver, then message statements got to the agent log file.

  •  _progres -b -p test.p > con

    /* test.p */


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  • Thanks Mike and Matt.

    That should do the trick.