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Easy way to pick elements?

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Having strings like this:


where {xxxx} is elements that I need to pick and check, what whould be the easiest way doing that?

I could use do i = 1 to num-entries(stringX,'{'):

  Element = '{' + substring(entry(i,stringX,'{'),1,index(entry(i,stringX,'{'),'}').

but I wonder if there is other ways that could be easier?

//Geir Otto 

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  • I would probably used '}' instead to test for elements....

  • I do:

    inNE = NUM-ENTRIES(data,'~{').

    DO inInd = 1 TO inNE:

    toTest =ENTRY(inInd,data,'~{').

    IF NUM-ENTRIES(toTest,'}') LE 1 THEN /* it should never be LT 1.. but..*/


    found = ENTRY(toTest,'}').


  • 😊 that was easier then the one I made, but still more or less the same. I was wondering if there was a .Net way using Array or something like that 😊
    //Geir Otto
  • I just found I've asked same question here