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I have a requirement to create a System.Enum and populate it with up to 12 members as I'm trying to populate Microsoft.Win32.TaskScheduler.MonthlyTrigger:MonthsOfYear which accepts a System.Enum.

The problem I'm having is I can't seem to find an example of how to get more than two items into my Enum, other than an example I found on this forum, using the OR of the OE EnumHelper and then calling the EnumHelper again with the output of the first!;


rEnum = EnumHelper:Or(Microsoft.Win32.TaskScheduler.MonthsOfTheYear:January, Microsoft.Win32.TaskScheduler.MonthsOfTheYear:February).
 mt:MonthsOfYear = CAST(EnumHelper:Or(rEnum, Microsoft.Win32.TaskScheduler.MonthsOfTheYear:March), Microsoft.Win32.TaskScheduler.MonthsOfTheYear).

Is there a better way of doing this?

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  • ASSIGN rEnum = MonthsOfTheYear:AllMonths.


    If you're on 11.7 you can use OR.

    ASSIGN rEnum =    MonthsOfTheYear:January
                   OR MonthsOfTheYear:February
                   OR MonthsOfTheYear:August
                   OR MonthsOfTheYear:September
                   OR MonthsOfTheYear:November

  • Thanks for this :-)

    I'm on OE102B however.

    Sorry, I should have mention this in my post.

    I've written a function that does what I want but it's a bit messy.


  • If you need more than two, you need to stack the use of the EnumHelper:

    rEnum = EnumHelper:Or(EnumHelper:Or(Microsoft.Win32.TaskScheduler.MonthsOfTheYear:January, Microsoft.Win32.TaskScheduler.MonthsOfTheYear:February), Microsoft.Win32.TaskScheduler.MonthsOfTheYear:March).

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  • Yes that's whay I've done.

    Thanks :-)