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PDS error: Error within Debug UI

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I am working with PDS (classroom edition 11.7) and when I restart my computer, the project I am working on seems to be corrupt in some way. When I try to run a program I get this error:

Searching on the web doesn't come up with an answer. My project has no database, just .p files. When I create a new project and move all sources over, that project works fine. When looking at the project properties, the working directory is empty and when I fill it and close the properties window, it is empty again when I reopen it. 

Any ideas?

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  • Hi Patrick,

    Had this multiple times. In my case it had to do with conflicting dll's.

    What I usually do is leave the files in the original workspace, and make links to the folders in my original project, because importing the project usually fails. And this way you don't have to copy the files.

    more info in knowledgebase entry 000037323

    My 2 cents,



  • Hi Will,

    I will keep it in mind for the next time. I restarted PDS without effect, even restarted the pc without effect, but closing and reopening the project solved the problem for now.

  • KB Entry 000037323 fixed the issue for me.