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PAS and software version control

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I initially assumed that the only things I would need to check into source control for a PAS project wold be stored under the project resource directory.

However, I was a bit surprised to find some critical stuff being excluded.  For example, my launch conditions (used to populate ABL application configuration) are excluded.  That stuff doesn't seem to go into the project directory at all.  I found it buried in the Eclipse workspace as follows:


Are there any best practices related to working with PAS to make sure that all the most critical components are saved in source control?  I suppose this isn't much different than something like a file which is found way out in $DLC/properties.  Please let me know if anyone is aware of more directories where I should be looking for potential candidates for source control.

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  • You can set up your launch configs to be local-to-the-project: the Common tab lets you save as a Shared file, which is relative to the project.
    Also take a look at and some other talks the folk from consultingwerk have given (and other too; there are a bynch of good talks in the PUG Challenge archives).