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Web service payload limitation: 128 MB


Web service payload limitation: 128 MB

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When making a WSDL call to a 3rd party from ABL there seems to be a limit on the size of the payload you can send. We're getting this error back:

Web service operation archiveFile generated a SOAP Fault. SOAP faultstring is: Unmarshalling Error: Text size limit (134217728) exceeded (11506)

We're running on OE 11.3.3 64-bit on Unix.

So the limit seems to be 128 MB. Does anyone know how to increase this limit or other ways to get around it?



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  • Hi Johan,

    It is possible that the limit  is on the server side. According to the SOAP fault , it looks like the server may be rejecting the size of the text. You should check with the 3rd part provider and find out how to send the large text. it is possible that the text needed to be sent as MTOM attachment which is currently not supported in ABL SOAP client.