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CCS in OpenEdge 11.7.2 ???

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Hi OpenEdge Development,

looks like the OpenEdge.Web.InternalWebRouter in OpenEdge 11.7.2 supports now calling into an available CCS Service Manager implementation for accessing the required Web Handler.


Is there more CCS infrastructure embedded in OpenEdge now?



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  • Hi Mike,

    As of 11.7.2 the interfaces for all published specs are included in the product; the BE and related interfaces are in the and the others (the "SSS" specs and Ccs.Common.* ) are in the

    There are a few places where the (primarily webhandler) code attempts to retrieve a service using the Ccs.Common.Application:ServiceManager property. In all cases if there's no ServiceManager available or if no instance is returned, we use the existing behaviour, which is typically a simple DYNAMIC-NEW().


    - When trying to find a webhandler, we call  getService(get-class(IWebHandler), pHandlerName),


    - Loading of an entity (the business entity/logic that's called by the handler). We call      getService(pEventArgs:Operation:EntityType, pEventArgs:Operation:TargetName) ,  where the EntityType is Progress.Lang.Object by default, and the TargetName is the name of the business entity (or other class name).

    - To resolve the service registry (OpenEdge.Web.DataObject.IServiceRegistry)  and loader types (OpenEdge.Web.DataObject.ServiceRegistryLoader)

    OpenEdge.Web.PingWebHandler  (new handler in 11.7.2)

    - When trying to resolve the name of the OpenEdge.Rest.Admin.AppServerStatus to use, we call getService(get-class(AppServerStatus)