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XSD to temp-table definition to database table


XSD to temp-table definition to database table

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I  have a .i file with temp-tables definitions that I got from XSD file (with bproxsdto4gl great tool).

Is there a way to import a temp-table definition to data dictionary and make permanent table?   It's quite extensive.


Jorge Olguin

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  • I think your best bet is to generate a .df file yourself by including the .i file and then creating a dynamic buffer for it and then walking the fields one by one.

  • I believe the temp-table expositor can do this...


    (although i haven't used it myself for this purpose)


  • Thanks for the tip....

    I think it should work, but seing that good'ol Patrick contributed to TempTableExpositor and here recommended other thing, i'm afraid of the outcome of this...

    Mean while, still formatting the temp-tables definitions, as I said is somewhat large, and have to adjust the class that would handle it, haven't finished definition...  I'll keep posted..

    Thanks in advance..