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Anyone already wrap Couchbase .Net API?


Anyone already wrap Couchbase .Net API?

  • The Couchbase .Net API appears to only use generic methods.  Has anyone already dealt with this, before we start writing wrappers in C#?




  • The ABL does not support generic methods

  • Reflection is your friend.

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  • Reflection is my friend!!  Working example below.

    Mike - I had to debug to get ReflectionHelper.cls when using methods with parameters..  You are adding objects to the paremeterTypes array and Types to the object Array:

      oParameterTypes:SetValue (poParameter1, 0) .

      oParameters:SetValue (Progress.Util.TypeHelper:GetType (pcParameterType1), 0) .

    For the archive, here is a working example against the Couchbase sample DB with some code stolen from Mike:

    DEFINE VARIABLE oObjectType         AS System.Type                                        NO-UNDO . 
    DEFINE VARIABLE oMethodInfo         AS System.Reflection.MethodInfo                       NO-UNDO . 
    DEFINE VARIABLE oGenericMethod      AS System.Reflection.MethodInfo                       NO-UNDO . 
    DEFINE VARIABLE oObjectTypeOfArray  AS "System.Type[]"                                    NO-UNDO . 
    DEFINE VARIABLE oParameters         AS "System.Object[]"                                  NO-UNDO . 
    DEFINE VARIABLE oParameterTypes     AS "System.Type[]"                                    NO-UNDO .        
    DEFINE VARIABLE uri                 AS System.Uri                                         NO-UNDO.
    DEFINE VARIABLE cluster             AS Couchbase.Cluster                                  NO-UNDO. 
    DEFINE VARIABLE bucket              AS Couchbase.Core.IBucket                             NO-UNDO. 
    DEFINE VARIABLE clientConfiguration AS Couchbase.Configuration.Client.ClientConfiguration NO-UNDO. 
    DEFINE VARIABLE uriList             AS CLASS 
      "System.Collections.Generic.List<System.Uri>"             NO-UNDO.
    DEFINE VARIABLE documentResult     AS CLASS 
      "Couchbase.DocumentResult<Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JObject>" NO-UNDO. 
    DEFINE VARIABLE sysObj              AS System.object                                      NO-UNDO.
    DEFINE VARIABLE jObject             AS Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JObject                       NO-UNDO. 
    uri = NEW System.Uri ("http://YourServer:8091").
    uriList = NEW  "System.Collections.Generic.List<System.Uri>" ().
    clientConfiguration = NEW Couchbase.Configuration.Client.ClientConfiguration ( ).
    clientConfiguration:Servers = uriList.  
    cluster = NEW Couchbase.Cluster(clientConfiguration).
    bucket = cluster:OpenBucket("travel-sample"). 
    // Define an array filled with System.Type to define the .net type of the return value
    oObjectTypeOfArray = CAST (System.Array:CreateInstance (Progress.Util.TypeHelper:GetType("System.Type"), 1), "System.Type[]") .
    // fill the methodtype array with the type of objects that the method returns   
    oObjectTypeOfArray:SetValue (Progress.Util.TypeHelper:GetType ("Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JObject"), 0) .
    // Define an array filled with System.Object to hold the parameter values for the dynamic method
    oParameters = CAST (System.Array:CreateInstance (Progress.Util.TypeHelper:GetType("System.Object"), 1), "System.Object[]") .
    // Define an array filled with System.Type to hold the parameter types for the dynamic method (system.String, System.Int, etc.
    oParameterTypes = CAST (System.Array:CreateInstance (Progress.Util.TypeHelper:GetType("System.Type"), 1), "System.Type[]").
    // fill the parameter arrays with the values and their .net types
    oParameterTypes:SetValue (Progress.Util.TypeHelper:GetType ("System.String"), 0) . 
    oParameters:SetValue ( ("airline_10"), 0) .
    // Get the system.type of the parent object            
    oObjectType = bucket:GetType () . 
    // Find the method by name with the correct signature based on the parameters in the type array
    oMethodInfo = oObjectType:GetMethod ("GetDocument", oParameterTypes) .
    // make a generic method that returns the types in the objectTypeArray
    oGenericMethod = oMethodInfo:MakeGenericMethod (oObjectTypeOfArray) .  
    sysObj =  oGenericMethod:Invoke (bucket, oParameters) .
    documentResult = CAST (sysObj, "Couchbase.DocumentResult<Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JObject>").
    jObject = documentResult:Content. 
    IF documentResult:Success THEN 
      MESSAGE "ERROR: " documentResult:STATUS