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Hi to all

I worked with Progress Db and 4GL in 5-6 years. (Now i use 10.2.b)

Unfortunately i worked only in a character mode ...(ERP i use is very old).

Now i would like to install OE.11.7 version.

I 'd like to learn to write GUI Applications.

I have none near me to teach me something more.

How can i start about GUI Environment ???

I installed OE CLASSROM Edition to study Developer Studio .,.,,but i did not find a course to follow step by step.

I work in Italy... there is only a man that can do some Learning but he is too busy every month,,,

Any suggestions ???

Regards in advance,,,

ps. Sorry for silly questions.

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  • Hello my friend...

     So happy to hear you're interested in learning more of the OE toolset. I, personally, gave up on OE Gui, though, as it runs only on MicroS**t, thus ignoring Mac and Unix.

     Instead, I focus on browser-based applications using WebSpeed. So, my recommendation to you would be to check out that technology. Quite fascinating what is already possible on the browsers...

     Also, I think it might be much easier for you to learn, as the OE backend is basically just a batch-process that gets the input from the WebStream and sends plain text as response back to the web stream.

     If you like more information on that I'd be happy to send you a few pointers...

     Whatever you end up doing: much success and joy with it!

    Thomas Hutegger

    SMAT-Tools - Web-Apps with RollBase simpleness, ABL flexibility and power

  • There are a few video's on YouTube to help getting started with PDSOE:

    Do you have an idea if you want to start with classic ABL GUI or GUI for .NET ? That might help us giving you more targeted advice.

    Architect of the SmartComponent Library and WinKit

    Consultingwerk Ltd.

  • If you have a budget of at least $1500 for education, you should take a look at the web based trainings from Progress itself at A subscription will allow you to do all available courses for a period of 12 months.

    Although there is something to criticize on the courses, it still is a valuable resource. One of the courses is called 'Introduction to Progress OpenEdge Developer Studio' which sounds like something you could be interested in.

    An overview of all developer courses can be found here:

  • Hi Thomas.

    I am an old programmer but i worked only in CHIU mode with Progress.

    (We bought this ERP in Progress in 1999 …)

    I am happy you advice me to work in WebSpeed..and with web ..

    Unfortunately in Italy PROGRESS is not weell-known…

    It is difficult to find someone to have courses or any kind of help..

    Study at home it is not allways possible...we work hard with users and we have not muche time to study and investigate.

    Webspeed i know basically.

    We wrote some programs 10 year ago to execute invenytory o sell transactions with  little terminal…

    Besides last months i wrote any webspeed programs to retrive data in XML document to BtoB third party website.

    (Web site ask me data from my ERP and i wrote WebSpeed programs that read input and as output produce XML ..All ERP logic i wrote passing through an APPSERVER...)

    We work in AIX environment and Webspeed is installed in a Windows Server.

    (Now with OE 11.7 i understand we could have new features and it should be very interesting to re-model this kind of our procedure-solution).

    I read that in OE 11.7 you can use KENDO UI - New features in WebSpeed.

    Do you have any documentation about your experience and about this kind of approach) interest was about to implement custom application for someone in the company.

    I think it should be better working with OE in the web …

    Regards in advance.

  • Hi Mike…

    Thanks for your kind reply...

    I just know 4GL in CHUI interface and basis of PROGRESS DB.

    I use also WebSpeed ..

    I have no experience about Classic ABL GUI (AppBuilder ???) and GUI.NET

    What do you suggest  ???

    For example to create a project to a single office , out of my company ERP.

    Ie. A project that use a form and datagrid that write in a progress DB .

    ie2:  Create an Excel document reading data from ERP … to deliver to our byers…

    Regards in advance.