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TomCat return Temp-table with clob


TomCat return Temp-table with clob

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Hi, I have an application and it's connecting to the appserver via Tomcat port 8080 and AIA. I have a temp-table: DEFINE TEMP-TABLE tt-sysfiletransfer NO-UNDO FIELD blobfile AS BLOB. On the appserver: DEFINE OUTPUT PARAMETER TABLE FOR tt-sysfiletransfer. The client crashes when there's more then 1 Mb in the temp-table, So I thought that it had something to do with Tomcat maximum size. Doing the same thing on port 80, IIS -> Tomcat -> AIA, then it workes. In the 'application routing request' of IIS, you need to set the size. I've added: maxPostSize="-1" in the tomcat conf/server.xml, but that doesn't solves my problem. So my question is, is there some parameter in Tomcat that needs to be set so I can transfer more than 1Mb ? Kind regards Bart S.
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  • where is your tomcat running? on appserver machine or any other machine.

    have you tried with HTTP_BUFFER_SIZE setting at system level ? if not, try it by setting on system level.

  • Hi,

    Tomcat is running on the same machine as the appserver.

    I've tried setting HTTP_BUFFER_SIZE in progress.ini file and also as a system_variable, but both didn't help...

  • First thought was that it had something to do with the clob-records, but meanwhile, I found out that if it's a temp-table with a lot of records, then the client also crashes.


    WebClient -> TomCat (8080) -> AIA -> Appserver: Client crash

    WebClient -> ISS(80) -> TomCat(8080) -> AIA -> Appserver: OK