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  • Hi,

    We have a application running through AIA->AppServer.

    This all works fine, but on one site there's a problem.

    The run procedure is :


    DO: RUN Login ON SERVER hAppServer(....).

           MESSAGE "test" VIEW-AS ALERT-BOX.


    Problem is, at the end of login.p (on the server), there's a RETURN statement. I'm sure that login.p is executed (placed some messages in it, and looked in the AppServer-Logging). But the clients (application) just hangs (not responding). So the message-box 'TEST' doesn't get executed.

    What can be the reason that login.p gets executed, but that the client don't shows the message-box.

    Kind regards

    Bart S.

  • I feel like I'm missing some information here.  

    1. Why are you mentioning the RETURN statement on the server side.  Does that have some impact on this behavior?

    2. The only reason I can think of why the MESSAGE statement wouldn't execute is if the server routine returned an error.

    But if there was an error, the client won't hang.  I would think you'd see an error message and then things should move on.  i.e., It shouldn't "hang".  Did it crash for some reason?  Is there a protrace file generated?

  • The RETURN in login.p is just for ending the procedure on the appserver side.

    So on the appserver (login.p):


    MESSAGE "test on appserver".


    The message 'test on appserver' is in the appserver-logfile.

    On the client:

    RUN login.p ON SERVER hAppServer(...).

    MESSAGE "test on client" VIEW-AS ALERT-BOX.

    The message "test on client" isn't executed

    This is OE11.6 SP03.

  • Hi Bart,
    Does the client hang?
    If so, are you using the -debugalert startup parameter?
    If so, try removing it.

  • Then, there's no reason why the message statement shouldn't execute unless the client is crashing - which it sounds like it might be.  Again... is there a protrace generated?  I assume there were OUTPUT parameters, yes?  Maybe something went wrong in sending back the output parameters?

  • Took some time, but find out what cause the crash.

    In the first appserver call (throught port 8080 Tomcat), we send a temp-table back with some clob-records in. Seems that this is for Tomcat to big.  Deleting these records, then it just works.

    So at this point, I'm trying to find out how I can set the packet-size in Tomcat.  

    If somebody can point into the correct direction, then thanks !