I want to show the result of a query joining two tables in an abl-form in a well formated way.

For that purpose

  • I have created a new ABL form-class
  • I have added a data grid view to the form.
  • Inside the class If have defined a query that selects data from two tables.
  • I have used this query and inlcude and exclude fields as input for constructor of (Progress.Data.)BindingSource.
  • I have specified this binding source as datasource for the data grid view.

After invoking refresh of binding source the result of the query is shown in data grid view.

Now I want to improve the outfit a little bit: Adding own headers for each column, rigth alignement for numeric values and so on.

Unfortunately I have not found a way how to add mappig between columns in data grid view and columns in binding source. Has anyone an idea how to do? Or where to find an example?

Kind regards

Kai Siegele