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LOOKUP function on array?

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Is there an equivalent to the LOOKUP function that exists to find the position of a string in another delimeter separated string, but then for arrays (extent)?

I want to know if a certain value is already in an array, and at what index.

Yes, I know I can easily program this myself, but something like LOOKUP(myValue, myArrayVar) would have been nice...

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  • Will be nice :)
  • Haha, Peter, so I assume I haven't overlooked, this just doesn't exist?

    The problem with creating something in ABL is that it requires generics to write this properly....

  • Cast your votes here: community.progress.com/.../lookup_method_on_array_extent

  • Just to remind, while not a general solution, in some cases a usable alternative to ABL arrays is to use a .NET collection (e.g. System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary, List or Stack). They offer many useful methods for handling the collection.