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Procedure editor and reference help


Procedure editor and reference help

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Hi all,

Since 1.17, it takes at least 3 to 4 seconds to open the reference help from the procedure editor (by clicking on F1 after having selected a keyword). It's instantaneous on 11.6 (on the same computer).

Am I the only one? And if not, anything I can do to speed things up ?


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  • For the GUI client? If so, I believe that a defect has been logged. F1 on a highlighted keyword was actually crashing my entire session. Tech support was able to dupe.

    Jeff Ledbetter
    Product Architect | Roundtable Software

  • Yes, for the GUI client. It doesn't crash, it's just slow here.

  • The defect Jeff mentioned is not the cause of this, however it is very likely it is caused by a defect that was logged on Jeff's behalf.  

    I logged defect# PSC00357767 on Jeff's behalf to report that, in 11.7 the help was built using incorrect indexing.  This might explain why the help utility takes so long to locate the keyword while loading.

    The defect is presently scheduled to be fixed in 11.7.2.  

    Kenneth S. McIntosh

    Principal Technical Support Engineer