Does anyone know if OO ABL has seen changes in 11.7?  In particular I'm looking for better tooling in PDSOE.  We are lacking important tooling that would allow us to do simple things like finding references to constructors, methods, etc.  This type of basic OO analysis is "key" to building sophisticated OO solutions.  And they are also a first step towards other common IDE features which allow a developer to easily refactor existing code.

Last time I tried testing out the ability to use PDSOE to search for references to my OO, there were a number of issues related to inaccuracy and performance.  It was very difficult to trust the results after searching for references to OO constructs.

Here are some examples of issues in the OO tooling within PDSOE:

Previous questions along this line:

I would be very interested to hear if there is a plan to move forward with tooling for OO ABL.  If there are any changes in OO for OE 11.7, I'd be happy to take a look.