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DataDigger 23 is live!

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How do you dig? 

If you're not sure,check out DataDigger and start Digging your Data today with the free and open source DataDigger 23.

The DataDigger is a tool, written in 100% abl, that allows you to browse the data in your database. Think SQL Server Management Studio / Toad / Walvis Viewer, that kind of stuff, only in Progress this time. 100% open source, and 100% free. Free as in "Free Beer". 

You can read all about the DataDigger on the DataDigger blog, the sources are kept on GitHub

Did I already mention that it is free?

Happy digging !

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  • great work, still one of the best open source abl tools

  • How can we join multiple tables in it or we can query only on single table ?