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Need fast temp-table create/fill

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OE10.2B08 HP-UX 64i

I have about 1.7M records to load in a TT.  It takes about 14 minutes to fill the TT with a Fill() or for each with buffer-copy. That's about 2K recs per second.

Reading the 1.7M recs table takes 30 seconds.

I can speed it up by not copying the fields I don't need.  But I'd rather not do this.

This seems "slow" to me, but I could be wrong.  My -T is pointing to a good hard disk, is there anything I should look at to improve the fill performance of a temp-table ?

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  • Take a look at the -Bt (# TT buffers) and see if bumping that up from default helps.

  • Try to set -tmpbsize to 8 as well.

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    Take a look at the -Bt (# TT buffers) and see if bumping that up from default helps.

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  • tmpbsize is 8 already, but the -Bt is not increased, as this is a one time process (fill once, do work and exit).  I just got a new drive on the server will see if that makes a difference.

  • > fill once, do work and exit

    If you are going to exit the session after doing the work then it isn't going to hold onto temp-table buffer memory indefinitely.  

    Why not increase -Bt so the temp-table can be memory-resident?  It should improve performance significantly if you eliminate the disk I/O, more so than moving disk I/O to a better disk.

  • Or put -T (and the DBI files) on a RAM disk.

  • Walking the whole table after fill takes less than a minute, not a problem really.  Also, I don't care if a percentage of the table is in memory when reads from disk are fast.

  • Time, I have not thought about the RAM disk.  Good idea I'll check with the datacenter if this can be done without too much cost.