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Progress Developer Studio 11.6 (32-bit) crash often [SOLVED]


Progress Developer Studio 11.6 (32-bit) crash often [SOLVED]

  • Progress Developer Studio 11.6 (32-bit) crash often in some circumstances,

    For example :

    1. Switching to other Tab while AVM still loading.

    2. Insert .NET Events from OpenEdge Visual Designer.

    3. Unknown crash (random)

    After its crash, PDSOE won't open / start normally. I usually delete specific file with .bat in order to make it start normally.

    cd C:\[WORKSPACE NAME]\.metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.core.resources\
    DEL *.snap*

    Just wondering whether anyone had the same problem with PDSOE 11.6, any solution will be helpful.

    Thank you,

    Robert Timothy

  • Hi Robert,

    In 11.6 PDS OE increased memory settings for 32 and 64 bit versions. Some customers running 32 bit version of PDS OE seems to have problems with this setting. Please decrease -Xmx value in eclipse.ini file and restart PDS OE. Default is 1024m, set this value to 768m or 512m. You can find eclipse.ini file under ${DLC}\oeide\eclipse folder. I think in you case it will be available under C:\OpenEdge116\oeide\eclipse (observed from below screenshot).

    After changing these values, restart PDS OE with clean option.

    Hope this helps,
  • Hi Sanjeev,

    After several tries, PDS OE still crash with -Xmx512m when switching tabs while AVM Loading. But value 768m so far so good, hope this setting can prevent PDS from crashes.

    Thanks for your help,


  • [UPDATE]

    PDS crash still happening when using the new eclipse.ini

    Any other solution will be helpful.

  • Robert,
    For these kinds of issues you really need to open a case with Tech Support.  When you do this please send us the file named “.log” which is located in the <Workspace-Dir>\.metadata subdirectory.

  • If you find a solution, please post it!  We are constantly struggling with the same issues/crashes.

    Thank you,

    Anne Disney

  • Anne,
    I will say that same to you that I said to Robert.  You really need to open a support case for this because the causes can differ.

  • [Update]

    Thanks Mike for the solution.