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11.5:1: Keyword casing setting for Appbuilder within OE Architect


11.5:1: Keyword casing setting for Appbuilder within OE Architect

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Editor keyword casing is set to lower case.

When I open a .w with the editor and select correct case, every keyword is lower case -> expected
But when I open it with the integrated Appbuilder, change something and save, every keyword for all Appbuilder parts are upper case again.
Where is the setting that the appbuilder follows the editor setting?

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  • Hi,

    For Casing, there is a setting under preferences which is applicable for whole work space. To use that the option, please go to Window-> Preferences from the main menu of PDS OE. Preferences window will be opened. Inside that window, navigate to Progress OpenEdge -> Editor from the left tree view. Under ‘Case’ preference section, you can select the respective preference for the editor.



  • Hi,

    it' set to lower case but the Appbuilder called by Architect ignores this consequently!


  • The appbuilder uses its own code generation routines and templates written completely in ABL. Even though the ABl editor window is hosted in Eclipse, the integration is not 100%.  It was never updated to support keyword casing preferences used by the ABL editor in Eclipse.

  • The code you write directly in the text editor (in internal procedures, functions, triggers, the definition section and the main block etc) adheres to the PDS/Architect setting. The code that is generated based on input in the Visual Design will have upper case keywords irrespective of the PDS/Architect setting for the reason Matt explains. This happens on save and when the code is synchronized between the two editors.

  • O.k, but Ramadevi Dhavala wrote: it should be global ->>>> BUG?

  • Its not a bug.  It was never intended to respect the eclipse keyword casing preference.  The AppBuilder currently has no ability to generate code in anything other than upper case.

    It would need an enhancement request to get it changed.

  • I know and understand the current behavior, it's not a bug because it's known and not planned to be changed.

    We decided to have lower case everywhere since a few years, if we reuse code form an old code and use the correct case function in the procedure editor, everything is in lower case.

    Appbuilder should follow the case rule, this would be consequent for an integrated IDE.

    The problem is that TFS compare (web) shows millions of changes after using Appbuilder again.

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