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Insufficient disk space or write access denied.(291)


Insufficient disk space or write access denied.(291)

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Insufficient disk space or Write access denied. (291) comes when an application tries to generate the file at n/w drive.

I've checked all these below criteria, everything looks all right - i.e. User has write access privilege and 3 GB space free space available.
Could someone pls suggest any other way to debug this? - Thanks.

i. Test the disk physically by copying, modifying and saving files, windows explorer shows around 3 GB space free.
ii. The test files should be the same size as those that were in use when the (291) error occurred.
This is also true if the disk is on the network.
iii. Windows Explorer -> right click on the folder or file -> Properties -> Security -> To check the file permissions

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  • There could already be a file with same name you are trying to create now which was created by some other user and you do not have sufficient privilege to over-write that. Worth checking once.
    Puneet Gupta
    610-588-0965 ext. 2424
  • It would be useful to know what Progress version you are running and also a snippet of code to show what you are trying to do. Also I presume you are on Windows? What version?

  • Thanks Puneet, as it overcomes  this by creating filename with unique date and time stamp.

  • Thanks James, its OE 11.4 windows 8.1. will update code snippet shortly.

  • Identified the root cause reason that in .ini file if we specify the UNC path(\\network server name\) then I get this error whereas if we use map drive letter S:\ then it works fine. Not sure why OE faces an issue while using UNC path. It looks specific to remote system drive.

  • It'll be a windows security thing.

  • Thanks James. now the issue is openedge does not recognize UNC path in ini file if we specify network UNC folder path as result reports detination directory, it work fine with network drive letter folder path. Do we need to do any environment setup to recognize UNC path from OE perspective as it happens only specific system?