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Why did you change the window size?


Why did you change the window size?

  • Hi,

    I've inherited form wich size es 1003,734. If I open this form with OpenEdge ABLEditor the size is ok (ScreenShot.jpg).

    But now, I open the form with OpenEdge Visual Designer and automatically change the size of window and I don´t know why do this (ScreenShot2.jpg)



  • The first one is the Design View and the second one the Source View.

    You can switch with right mouse -> View Source/View Design.

    But without training I would not touch any of this.

  • Yes, I Know. The problem is that I need to work with the two views and change with time as I need, but not because I changed so great, it should not!
  • I've already discovered that passed (halfway). It's because the form (original NOT inherited) have the UltraToolbarManager with de property FormDisplayStyle = RoundedSizable.
    If I put FormDisplayStyle = Default, and I do it well, when I open the form does not change the size.
    What is not is that this property has to do that every time you open a window resize me design???