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Error 15634 in agent log files

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We're getting the following error in our web agent log files (running OE11.3.3 running on CentOS 6 x64):
Agent failed to receive data. Error -3 Invalid Header Read  (15634)

After that the agent proceeds normally. Broker log file shows nothing funny.

We have two types of web agents: one that servers web requests and one that acts as a batch job processor (not serving web requests at all). The error occurs in both types of agents, so it's not related to a connection issue between a client and the agent.

Any ideas what this can be? We’ve searched the knowledge base but couldn’t find anything.

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  • Additional clue: We get the same behavior after a web service was called but the request is not receiving a response or it is invalid. The agent ends the request properly (either web request or batch job), but after that we get these messages.

  • Got the same error, can't find any detail on it either.

    Agent failed to receive data. Error -3 Invalid Header Read  (15634)

    AIX 64-bit OE11.1

    Message was logged to WS Server log approx 52 times per millisecond by the same process ID until the log filled the disk. Restarted WebSpeed which stopped the process, cleared the log and normal operation continued.

    No obvious cause, never happened before, hasn't happened since.

    Does anyone have any specifics for what raises 15634 and specifically Error -3?

  • If I recall correctly this had to do with WSDL calls where the WSDL URL didn't return a proper WSDL definition, but some 404 or 500 HTML page instead.

    We had to manually code around this to make a web call to the WSDL URL, inspect the content type and ensure it's text/xml before making the WSDL call itself.