We are running a website with a booking application. We run a stateless webspeed server and we have a database storing data for handling sessions.

The growth in this database is becoming a problem. It's increasing with a couple of gigabytes every day.

On the positive side: working this way is very easy. For finalizing a booking all we really have to do is roughly:

FOR EACH temporarydb.insertablename:

CREATE bookingdb.insertablename.

BUFFER-COPY temporarydb.insertablename EXCEPT bookingno TO bookingdb.insertablename.

ASSIGN bookingdb.insertablename.bookingno = new_bookingno.


So very easy.

On the other hand the data growth is a problem. Backing up, checking server space etc etc.

I've considered a nightly/weekly reset of the database (restoring an empty version).

Anybody tried another approach?