I am running into a problem creating a simple report using CHARACTER COINS on a UNIX platform. For simplicity, the report basically displays some basic information from a random table. The report has a header consistanting of 8 lines and a footer consisting of 3 lines. I am displaying the report by creating 3 different forms: 1) Header 2) Basic Data 3) Footer.

I basically keep track of the page number and how many lines per page. As I approach the next page, I display the header again like a typical report. I also want this file to be printer so I redirect the output to an external file and then at the end, I change the terminal by specifying wy60w and then execute the unix command MORE filename so that its visible to the user. This allows the file to be printer which is a whole other problem in itself.

I am able to get all of the header to line up at the top using this logic except the last page, I think it's an issue with the header not fitting and screwing up the UI. From this vague description, is there a better way to handle this job?

In a bit of a jam.