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How to prevent _progres from clearing the tty


How to prevent _progres from clearing the tty

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when using progress on tty the screen is cleared after I exit _progres.

Is it possible to make _progres behave more like e.g. vi or mutt, after those commands the display is restored.

screen after using vi, result of ls still visible

screen after using pro, all info gone

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  • I think that the behavior is going to depend on many factors including your platform (Unix/Linux/Windows), terminal emulator settings, and installed software. For example, I can do this with the screen program (screen _progres) on a Solaris box but I don't have success with screen on Linux. Vi preserves the screen on the Linux box I tested but not on the Solaris box. Windows is a different beast entirely and I think we would have to implement support for this in _progres.exe for it to work on Windows.

  • I should have mentioned I'm using putty (TERM=xterm) on a rhel linux box.


    \E[2J clears the screen.

    But playing around with putty and protermcap I don't see any obvious way to get _progres to leave the contents of the session on the screen.  It might be my imagination but _progres seems to deliberately clear all frames before exiting.

    Tom Bascom