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close of embedded ABL window

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Hi, I'm looking into the possibilities of converting our application to GUI for .NET. First thing I would like to achieve is a MDI form with a UltraTabbedMDIManager. I've been able to make a form with a windowcontainer in it. In the windowcontainer we open the existing ABL windows. That works fine. When the user clicks the little cross in the UltraTabbedMDIManager, we can close the ABL Window etc. But I don't know how to achieve the other way around. In our ABL windows there's also a close button. When the user clicks this, the ABL Window gets closed but the form with the container and the tab is still there. So is it possible that we also close the Tab/Form/Container when the user closes the ABL Window ? I'm thinking of an event on the windowcontainer (when embedded window is closed), but can't find anything working that way. Can somebody point me into the right direction. Kind regards Bart
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  • Am I missing something? Why don't you just call the Close() method on the form?

  • Hi Laura,

    I'm completely new in GUI for .NET, so I'm trying to learn...

    First thing is, I didn't find out how to get the handle of the form with the container into the ABL Window (.w). Then when the user clicks in the button in the ABL Window (.w), the ABL Window gets closed (apply "window-close" to C-Win). But where do I need to close the form with the window-container. I was hoping that there was a trigger of the window container when the embedded window is closed. I need some sort of mechanism that the two ways are possible. So closing the tab with the little cross (that's ok now) and the other way around, closing in the embedded window.

    Kind regards

    Bart S.