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Workspace in use

  • Trying to start PDSOE 11.5.1 and getting the message that my workspace is in use. It isn't. But I had some trouble shutting down due to AppBuilder messages that had popped behind everything else without me noticing. 

    What can I do to get access to my workspace again? 

  • If you had trouble stopping earlier, there might be some process holding onto the workspace lock file.   The easiest thing to try is rebooting your machine.

  • We have found that deleting the .lock file in the /.metadata subdirectory of your workspace is a quick solution.

  • Bill, that would have been a logical solution to try wouldn't it. /slaps face

    All working now. Thanks!

    Rom - I'll file that away for later!

  • Next time, depending on how much other stuff you have open, you can also open the task manager and look for Progress processes and kill them.  They can hang around ... :)

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