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Installing AutoEdge|TheFactory on 11.6 Classroom Edition


Installing AutoEdge|TheFactory on 11.6 Classroom Edition

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Anyone successfully installed AutoEdge|TheFactory on 11.6 Classroom Edition?

I downloaded the latest release, ran the installer which appeared to complete OK and I now have some relevant icons in my Start menu.

The Getting Started web page says 'check the AppServer and database setups in OpenEdge Explorer/Management, and start the DB ("dbAutoEdgeTheFactory") and AppServer ("asAutoEdgeTheFactory")'.  These aren't showing in Progress Explorer and aren't in the .properties files.

So what now?

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  • Think its all sorted now - did a rebuild and AutoEdge can now run.  Haven't looked at it in depth yet though.  Thanks for your help.

  • As part of OEDK (Classroom edition) we only install Trail version of Telerik controls. Infragistics (Ultra controls) are not part of OEDK. As OEDK only installs Progress developer studio component. Infragistics is another component we have as Ultra Controls. Not sure if this has changed.

    Easy way to check Infragistics are installed or not by opening License Info from windows menu under Progress -> OpenEdge 11.6 (64-bit). It should have entry 'Product Name:   OE Ultra Controls .NET'.



  • Spoke to soon.  Attempted to log into AutoEdge and got this:

  • Grant,
    That error does not point back to an Infragistics issue.  If I were you I would go back to the docs for AutoEdge and see if you missed a step where you needed to specify some kind of user name / credentials.  Unfortunately I have never had to work with AutoEdge so I don't have an answer.

  • Hello Swathi

    All I get is "Progress Dev Studio OE".

  • Thanks for your time Brian, much appreciated.  I think I've spent enough time struggling with this so I'll forget it for now and just get on with the all the online OE training videos instead.

  • I ran into the same problem with the Assemblies not working for the Infragistics-components.

    By recompiling the client branch of the project I could solve the problem.

    I'd suggest to update the "Getting started" page. There was also a recompile of the server branch necessary to startup the aetf-appserver.

    It is also not obvious where to find users and passwords. The link to applicationusers.txt should also be on the "Getting Started" page.  

  • I'll add it there.
    Also, is adding Ant build scripts to do some of this stuff.