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OEDK Classroom Edition installation problem


OEDK Classroom Edition installation problem

  • hi!

    just recently download the classroom edition. when i run setup, it shows the Preparing Setup screen and then closes. no errors. 

    anyone had the same experience? how did you address?

    joey on win7 64bit.

  • I have the same issue on Windows 8.1 64 bit.

  • There is an installation guide in the Documents section of the OpenEdge Classroom - community.progress.com/.../2567

    It explains about some of the pre-requisites, which includes having the Microsoft .Net Framework installed.  It also calls out the files to check if you think there has been an error.

  • The installer runs silently, which causes you to think it has crashed without any error message, while in reality it it still running and downloading data from Progress' servers.

    It installs using some defaults in the oedk_response.ini file. Have a look at it to change e.g. destination path (now hardcoded c:\Progress\OpenEdge).

    While it is good that Progress provides some sane defaults, it should be visible to the user that something is happening (while now everyone including me thinks the installer has crashed). I admit it is mentioned in the installation guide, but really who rtfm...

  • Thanks for that Lieven. Glad I read this before just going ahead and installing on a machine that already has Progress installed! :)

  • Oh, I was very surprised by this!

    I've installed a lot of OpenEdge on different platforms, but I did not expect  this trick from OEDK. Really, who reads manuals...It should be at least in the beginning to warn how, where and in what mode will run the installation.

    This is not a good idea, I do not like it

  • I am not satistied. If i have already an OpenEdge installation, what will happen to my ubroker.properties, conmgr.properties, agent.properties files if this silence installation installs itself without asking me any path etc. I could not believe this silence installation yet. But i am working on it :)

  • Always read the manual ;)

    But you can change the installation directory simply enough by editing the oedk_response.ini file. Works a treat.

  • After i change the paths from the file "oedk_response.ini" it starts installation :) At least if you have an existing installation it does not install :D this is a good news :)

  • The installation is just finished. it seems fine :D

  • thank you. that silent install is quite annoying. but it's running now. that's what matters. :-)

  • Any ideas regarding the installation and set up of OEDK are welcomed in our Ideas group - community.progress.com/.../openedge

    And then community members can vote on them and see if we can get them into the product going forward.

  • I have to agree about the silent install. Much prefer to have the ability to setup paths etc how I want. Also I find it better when the installer tells you that your missing something rather than it being in a log file somewhere.

    Paul Mowat

    Principal Software Developer

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  • Idea created: community.progress.com/.../show_feedback_and_allow_customization_installing_oe_classroom_edition

  • Is there a particular reason why it's for 64bit OS only? I'd quite like to run it on my own personal machine for which I only have a 32bit license for Windows. Thus I can't. Seems a shame.