I'm generating an Report in Excel from Progress 10.1. In that report i use an autofilter.

The last three columns contains he calculated data.

When i use the autofilter i want the subtotal of the selected fields on the bottom of the table.

I can do it for only 1 column but ...

My question: How can i do that for 3 columns

my code:

chWorkSheet:Range(chWorkSheet:cells(1,1),chWorkSheet:cells(1,1)):subtotal(1, -4157, 6,,,).

chWorkSheet:range(chWorkSheet:cells(1,1),chWorkSheet:cells(1,1)): worksheet + range


  • 1 causes the subtotal to occur at each change in the first column of the range.
  • -4157 indicates the subtotal is to be a sum.
  • 6 indicates that the subtotal is performed against the fourth column of the range.
  • the other parameters are optional (I don't know what i can do with these optional parameters)

I hope somebody can Help me

Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!