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PDSOE 11.5.1 Keyword casing in quoted string


PDSOE 11.5.1 Keyword casing in quoted string

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I seek the answer, but do not find... How does one tell PDSOE 11.5.1 to not correct case of keywords inside quoted/literal strings?

It would be a wonderful feature, but is rendered completely useless with its current behavior of changing the case of keywords inside literal strings! Super Angry 

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  • Oh wow is this one still rearing its head in 11.5? I remember having that in 10.x. Can't remember for the life of me how to fix it though.

  • I've found it.


    Taken from this discussion: www.progresstalk.com/.../keywords-autocase-and-colour.121117

  • Thanks for the link James, but that doesn't apply to PDSOE. I'd already looked at and tried it. :(

  • Hi,

    There is no specific option to exclude few statements from casing. However Keyword casing is not applied for text inside literal strings. Can you please provide sample code where casing is applied for literal strings.



  • Hi Swathi,

    I don't have an example at my fingertips, but will post one as soon as I can.



  • Hi again Swathi,

    Here is an example of keyword casing being applied to quoted text.


    After correcting case

  • Hi,

    I have tried similar kind of sample (given below). Correct casing is working properly. It is not changing the casing of 'End' and 'Not' words. I am guessing this sample code will work for you also. If not please let us know. Otherwise as i said earlier, there is no specific setting available to ignore few cases from correct casing. It is applied to complete file and quoted text is mostly not changed as part of correct casing. Any place this is not working will be treated as issue. Please report Issue with your sample code.

    Sample tried:


       DEFINE VARIABLE popup-title         AS CHARACTER NO-UNDO.

       DEFINE VARIABLE popup-list          AS CHARACTER NO-UNDO.

       DEFINE VARIABLE var11               AS CHARACTER NO-UNDO.

       DEFINE VARIABLE popup-menu-row      AS INT       NO-UNDO.

       DEFINE VARIABLE update-select-popup AS LOGICAL   NO-UNDO.

       IF update-select-popup THEN



               var1           = " USER-PRO " + "was Not updated"

               popup-menu-row = 5

               popup-title    = "window Choices"

               popup-list     = "groups,"

                               + "Notes,"

                               + "User-defined Info,"

                               + "End"

                               + "Test".




  • It appears that PapaLee is forcing keywords to lower case and then keywords in literal strings are changed as well, but the samples every body else make force keywords to upper case.

    Is it possible that there is a bug here that only appears when the properties are set to prefer lower case keywords?

    Simon L Prinsloo


  • I knew there were always great reasons to use ABL in documentation style :-), (sorry Peter Judge)

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  • I will log an issue with TS.

  • I did test setting casing option to lower and upper. In both cases code inside quotes is not changed for me. Issue seems to be specific to code :(

  • @Mike, more like a conspiracy on the part of PSC to justify their choice.

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