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Transparent selected row in Infragistics grid ?


Transparent selected row in Infragistics grid ?

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After years (almost decades) of not being able to see colours on the selected row of a Progress browser OpenEdge 11.5 changes this behaviour

The selected row is transparent grey instead of blue and the colour shows through.

We have an application with both ABL UI and Infragistics, now our users want to see the same in Infragistics grids.

Is this possible ?

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  • Untested:

    The SelectedRowAppearance (actually instance of Infragistics.Win.Appearance) has properties that allow using alpha blending and/or transparency for this effect.

    Related properties all have "Alpha" in their name conveniently enough.

  • Hi

    You should be able to set it on the grid's DisplayLayout:Override:SelectedRowAppearance, or for a specific band on DisplayLayout:Bands[TheBandNo or Key]:Override:SelectedRowAppearance.

    Simon L Prinsloo