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Windows Ribbon Framework

  • Has anyone tried the Windows Ribbon Framework APIs to create Ribbon style menu and toolbars in Progress, say in 10.2B?

    I know the APIs require callback functions that Progress doesnt' support. Would like to know if it's possible to make such an attempt (implement the APIs in Progress).


  • The Gui for .NET (Infragistics controls) that you can get from Progress include the Ribbon controls.  They work fine and you can build them in the Visual Designer.  You are required to have a (free) license from Microsoft in order to use them.

  • Thanks Matthew,

    I believe Intragistics controls don't come with the native .net controls available in 102B. Do you know how I can get the them from Progress? and are they free?



  • You can purchase them as "OpenEdge Ultra Controls" from Progress. They

    don't come for free, they are not part of PSDN SDK.

    You may also get them from Infragistics directly. When comparing

    prices don't forget that IG sells them as a subscription and Progress

    sells them as purchase + maintenance which will be cheaper in the 2nd


  • OK, thanks. But do you think it is still possible to implement the new MS Windows Ribbon Framework API's in Progress?


  • I've done a little work with the Ribbon.

    See the attached image.

  • I've done a little work with the Ribbon.

    See the attached image.

    Infragistics or MS Ribbon Framework API?

  • I missed the distinction.

    10.2A / Infragistics