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"OpenEdge.BusinessLogic.BusinessEntity" not found (293)


"OpenEdge.BusinessLogic.BusinessEntity" not found (293)

  • I've just made one of my first OO procedures, but got this message on runtime (at the user) .. In my machine it runs ok...

    What I'm missing?


  • The  OpenEdge.BusinessLogic.BusinessEntitty is provided in a Procedure Library.  It needs to be added to the runtime Propath.   (Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge includes it by default.). Check your Propath. 
  • BusinessEntitty is spelled wrong - it should be BusinessEntity

    On Sat, Jun 13, 2015 at 7:27 PM, Bill Wood
    > Re: "OpenEdge.BusinessLogic.BusinessEntitty" not found (293)
    > Reply by Bill Wood
    > The OpenEdge.BusinessLogic.BusinessEntitty is provided in a Procedure
    > Library. It needs to be added to the runtime Propath. (Progress Developer
    > Studio for OpenEdge includes it by default.). Check your Propath.
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  • Thanks Bill, ... and what would be the name of the proc library?

    so I'll look for it and add that path to the user's propath?

  • Hey Tim, thanks!

    I made a typo trying to escribe the message, otherwise it wouldn't had run on my testing machine... Thanks! I haden't noticed,

    I'll try to fix it, so the next newbie like me asking the same question, finds this thread ;)

  • It flashed to me....

    the path would be opendge/

    I looked for it, and there it is!  I'll test on monday


  • I tested, but it won't worked... This is the propath of that client:


      Can't imagine whats happening...


    Jorge Olguin

  • When we create OpenEdge project, by default this OpenEdge.BusinessLogic.pl file is added to PROPATH. You can manually add this from C:\Progress\OpenEdge\gui directory.



  • You can also find OpenEdge.BusinessLogic.pl at C:\Progress\OpenEdge\tty. (For example, for adding it to the AppServer.)

  • Thanks!!!!

    Doing as told....


  • That was it....