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LDAP Authentication

  • I am trying to research using LDAP for database access and authentication. I found this thread: but I can't find the code referenced in it. I think I am looking for the WinLdapAuth.p file, and it would appear that I am looking for the ldapauth.zip file. I have searched for some time without success. If I am missing something obvious I apologize. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

  • Our apologies, something happened with the link to the LDAP white-paper and sample ABL code files. We are working to correct this and create a new link to the information. We will post the correct link as soon as we can.

    Michael Jacobs


  • For the time being, check this thread:


  • We have reposted the LDAP in an ABL application white-paper, along with its sample ABL application code. You can find the information them at:


  • Salvador: Thanks, I had seen that thread.

    Michael: That is just what I was looking for, thanks!


  • Hi I amtrying to use this code in a 64-bit Unix environment, but it is crashing out on the call to 'ldap_count_entries' following the call to 'ldap_search_s'. I have tried modifying the code for 64-bit by setting the OSPointerSize to 8. Any thoughts as to what should be looking at to solve this?

  • I've added a 64bit Unix LDAP module (UnixLDAPAuth64.zip) to the above URL


    This is an conversion of the original UnixLDAPAuth.p to use the ABL's ability to manage 64bit values and memory pointers. The module was tested on a Solaris and Linux 64bit platform. At this time use UnixLDAPAuth.p for 32bit hardware and UnixLDAPAuth64.p for 64bit hardware.

    If you run into problems, send a post to this thread.

  • Thanks Michael - works a treat.

  • I am trying to get to the links posted in this thread but all get is the search page. What's the secret to viewing these docs?

  • The links are undoubtedly from the old version of this site.  Unless someone pops up with the correct current version, you are probably going to have to search.

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  • The web links were changed... again.   The original white-paper, source code, examples, and 64 bit update is still available but a different location.


    Please try this link.  You should be taken to a page titled

    LDAP User Authentication in an ABL environment

    That page's contents should include three download files for the white-paper, souce code, and 64 bit version.

    I'll check back to see if you have successfully found the information.

    Mike Jacobs

  • Hi there,

    I have been using without any problem LDAP authentification.

    By now one of our customer will need LDAPS authentification. I have seen that SSL secured authentification

    is possible with the tool provided. By now i don't know anything about SSL.

    What is needed to use ssl options provided by the tool ?

    Any web server SSL configuration ? LDAP SSL server configuration ? Authentification page with SSL code ?

    Any help greatly appreciated.

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to make SSL work as well.  I get an LDAP simple bind error 91 when trying to authenticate.  I believe this is because I am not passing certificate.

    We have an old C program which does SSL LDAP authentication.  I would like to replace it with an ABL solution. 

    If someone could give us an example call using LDAPS that would be great.



  • Can you use this to validate any user, not just the one that logged into with work station. I have an application where one machine is used by many users and when they start the progress client session I would like to ask them for their user-id and password, and then check the networks LDAP server to make sure they are valid users.