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Create REST without Progress developer studio?


Create REST without Progress developer studio?

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OE 11.5. I read the answers to the same question on At that time 11.5 was not available. I understood restgen could help me further but not make me completely independent of pds,  I still would have to do some things manually there. I have a backend framework with a servicelayer that could easily be regenerated to a kind of 'business entities' (but only containing what actually belongs in it of course, no dataaccess for example). I would like to be able to generate everything necessary to get a working mobile backend without using pds. In how far is that possible nowadays? What steps could I take? If it is not yet, are there plans to support that?


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Stefan Houtzager
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  • Hi Stefan,

    There are no changes to the steps from 11.3.2 to now 11.5. For developing and deploying REST services we need to use PDS OE.



  • Hi Swathi,

    Do we have any option to map the customized header parameter from the Rest URL in rest adapter?

    I have given the Key as "Sourcesystem" and the value is "XYZ", Now i want to get into internal procedure and how to map this in rest adapter.

    Your help much appreciated.


    Sivarami Reddy

  • Verb_Association.JPG
    You can use the "REST Resource URI Editor" to do your own mappings from PDS OE.
    1.  Open the REST Resource Editor, by simply double clicking on the rest service from the project explorer under "Defined Services" node.
    2. Add a resource by clicking on add icon "+". Once the resource is added you can see the Verbs.
    3. Click on the 3 dotted icon for any verb. It will launch you "Associate Operation with Verb" dialog. Select your "ABL file" under resources (ABL files has to be under APPServer folder) . Then select "ABL routines" (internal procedures). And say OK.
    4. From the input tab -> right click on "Headers" node and click on "Add node...". 'Add Node' dialog will appear. Give some name and click on OK.
    5. To the newly created node to the parameter from the right side, you can drag and drop the mapping. Please refer the attachments.
    Please get back to us if you are looking for any other information.