Haven't hit this before :

Converted my databases to v11. Start OEA , sorry PDS (no, not ProDataSet), and select my v10 workspace.

Convert the project, updated assemblies to the latest version, restart.

Go to compile the project, falls over with the error

Multiple markers at this line - ** C:\Users\Julian\data\dotr\Darwin\form\DebtNetForm.cls Could not understand line 19. (196) - Could not find class or interface debtnet.library.sessionsingleton. (12886) - Invalid version, 1008 (expected 1100) in object file C:\Users\Julian\data

\dotr\Darwin\debtnet\library\sessionsingleton.r. (2888)

I presume because the compiler to trying to load the sessionsingleton .

Solution is, obviously, to remove all the .r code beforehand.

Oh, I also reported the problem directly to progress using their new "report techical issue" tool. Very handy. Can I claim a first ?