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OpenEdge REST Adapter

  • So today I wanted to check out the OpenEdge REST Adapter. I should have known that frustration would be my part. I just should have know it.

    After an initial google search on 'OpenEdge REST Adapter pdf' didn't give me one of the famous OpenEdge tutorial pdf's, I installed the OE13 Docs. Looked for the start.pdf and from there on I ended up opening asadm.pdf (OpenEdge Application Server Administration). The file is called asadm.pdf because they always want you to open start.pdf to find something.

    Ok, opened up asadm.pdf, and went to the REST Administration section. Maybe I'm not at the correct place to find out things about the OpenEdge REST Adapter, but it's the closest thing I found so far.

    There's a oerm.war (why again the abbreviation...?) that needs to be deployed in a Tomcat Web Server. Ok, let's do that. Stopping Tomcat, copying the war, starting Tomcat. the oerm.war gets deployed by Tomcat in a oerm directory and we are good to goooooo!!!!!!

    Going to http://localhost:8070/oerm/index.html as instructed in the pdf and seeing a white blank page. 

    Pdf says:

    You can query the REST Management Agent by browsing to the URL
    http://localhost:8980/oerm/index.html to check whether the REST
    Management Agent has been correctly installed and configured. For instance, if you
    are using the Tomcat server and you are using the default ports, you can browse the
    URL http://localhost:8980/oerm/index.html.

    So shouldn't I see something isntead of a blank page? Maybe it's responsive...

    Opening the index.html just makes we wanna cry. Inside the index.html is the following html code:


    Is this the REST Management Agent? Candid camera? 

    Seriously. Please transport me to the future. Maybe I'm just plain stupid, maybe I have the wrong pdf, maybe this oerm.war from OE11.3.2 isn't installed properly, maybe this is not the OpenEdge REST Adapter, maybe the pdf is out of date, ... It's always something, it just can never once go smoothly... 

  • I think you're better of reading "Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge online help", chapter "Introducing OpenEdge REST" from the same documentation set.

  • So basically I need to be clairvoyant.

  • In the start.pdf, I can't find a single reference to rest. So in that documentation set, I can't find Introducing OpenEdge REST.

  • No you don't, that's why we have this forum.

  • Ahhhhh,

    Will try this one.

  • I wouldn't call it a forum. I'd call it a table for 14 persons.

  • You can browse the following URL to find the status of oerm:


  • Since we are at the forum, what's wrong with the oerm.war file?

  • Never mind, I'll give a try.

  • Being clairvoyant would certainly be a help.   In the meantime perhaps I can be of help:

    Refer to the OpenEdge Development: Web Services book ( dvwsv.pdf ).   That has an entire section of REST web services.

    The online help in the developer's studio is a good reference to how to map HTTP request/response to ABL RPC calls.

    The AppServer administration guide will provide you with remote deployment and configuration information, as you have seen.

    The 'oerm.war' is NOT REST.   It is a web application that provides remote administration services to for deployment and configuration.  And it is optional if you want to manually do the configuration of logging and AppServer connections yourself with an editor.

    Hope this helps,

    Mike J.

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    So basically I need to be clairvoyant.

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  • nothing is wrong with oerm.war, it's just a (web-) application that allow tools like restman and OpenEdge explorer to interact for administration purposes. The URL you mentioned just confirm that oerm.war is installed. It's all in the docs, you just need to read a little further. The doc URL you posted is the same as I pointed you to in start.pdf, the book is called "Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge help" (without the word online).

  • Hello,

    The following post has a video and a sample program attached showing how you can build a REST Service using Progress Developer Studio:

    I hope this helps.

  • I have now opened OpenEdge Development Web Services and Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Online Help (Introducing OpenEdge REST). The last one seems to be the one I'll stick with.

    If I try to create a REST Project like the pdf says, it asks me for an AppServer (which I have), but also for a Web Server (which I haven't). So the tutorial already dead ends.

    Going to my Manangement Console for the App Server, I see I can add an OE Web Service. Where can I find documentation about this? I need to enter a name and an URL... What should this URL look like? Or should it point to a Tomcat url?  Ah, apparently there's a OE Web Server and a Web Server... What's the difference and which one do I need for my Eclipse REST project?

    Is there really not a tutorial available from progress how to use REST? A tutorial for someone who needs to start from scratch? Meaning creating an AppServer, creating a OE Web Server, creating a REST project in eclipse, ... I know most of you people probably have been using OE for 120 years, but I haven't.

  • OE Web Server it is.

    Created the REST Project. Hallelujah. Now getting this error:

    Publish directory G:\GitRepositories\OpenClientRD\OpenEdgeApplicationServer is a member of the workspace and cannot be used.