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.resx files not being removed

  • Had an interesting thing happen today. I had an ABL form (called test1.cls) . I had a standard MS button on this form. I eventually managed to screw it up to the point I couldn't load it into the designer.

    So, from OEA I removed the file. A little later I recreated test1.cls and got the original error again !

    Looking deeper into this it seems as if the .resx file is not deleted when you remove the .cls file.

    Logged as W810010086

  • I reported this long ago, and the response was that this was a known bug. Strange that it does not even appear on the bug list and that it still appears in the second beta drop.

    P.S. The same problem occurs when you move a class (the .resx file is not moved).

  • yeah, just been told by tech support that this is a known issue

  • I looked into this .. the bug was originally reported during TP2 back in May, which is why it would not appear on the list of bugs reported by the Beta testers.