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Clearing an UltraOption radioset...


Clearing an UltraOption radioset...

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Hi, I'm trying to clear the selection in a radio set such that it returns to its default state with no items selected.

According to the documentation this should do it: ultraOption1:CheckedIndex = -1.

However, this seems to have no effect whatsover and the last selected item in te radio set remains selected.

I'm using OE102.A and Infagstics V8.1

Any help would be greatly appreciated,



P.S. This is how I've set the data in the radioset:

    valueListItem1:DataValue = "All".
    valueListItem1:DisplayText = "Select All".

    valueListItem2:DataValue = "None".
    valueListItem2:DisplayText = "Select None".

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  • I am running OE 11.4 which uses Infragistics 14.1 and this works just fine. Maybe it is a bug in the Infragistics version you are using.