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Crystal Reports Viewer in .Net GUI


Crystal Reports Viewer in .Net GUI

  • John,

    Be careful with Crystal as they have dropped support for com in newer versions. I do not know if that includes the ActiveX viewer but I would think so. Version XI is the last version to support com.

  • So can someone clarify something for me? If an installation doesn't register an assembly with windows it can't be used in the ABL Forms? Another example would be being able to use the AcroPDF.dll from the \Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Acrobat\ActiveX. Does the Advanced GUI not support these objects the same way as the .NET? I'm guessing not. I'm afraid I don't all that much about it.

    Thanks for the information on the Crystal XI. We will have to check into our options carefully for sure.

  • An assembly does not have to be registered in the GAC to use. The GAC makes it easy to find, but if you know the location of the .dll you can use it.

    The ABL provides an alternate way using the -assemblies startup paramaeter. If you know where the assembly is, make a copy of it in a directory in your environment. For example create a directory called "assemblies" and put the .dll and its dependencies there. Then add a reference to the assemblies.xml file. Then add the -assemblies startup parmaeter to the prowin32.exe and point to the directory containng both the assemblies.xml file and the .dll you are using






    c:\project\prowin32.exe -assemblies c:\project\assemblies\

  • I downloaded CRRedist2005_x86.msi from somewhere on the internet.


    When I try to add the CR controls to the toolbox I get a "not support by VD" error. See attachment. Does this mean you have to wrap the CR controls into an ABL control in order to add it to the toolbox? If so, will the ABL control visualize the CR controls?

  • There are some controls that visual designer prohibits from being added to the toolbox/design window. This is because they are known not to work at design time for various reasons. This does not mean that they do not work at run time. Usually because they require some functionality that is only available from Visual Studio. In such cases you will get an error message when you try to add it to the toolbox.

    Look at Edsel's example of how to create your own ABL control wrapper around the Crystal Reports viewer.

  • Okay, just an update (I haven't gotten to work on this much). I installed the Crystal 11.2 and was finally able to add the assemblies to the assemblies xml document. This allowed to create a user control wrapper.

    I have since dropped that user control to a form and can open a report. Now I just need to figure out how to get the login to be automatic and send in the parameters and I'm good.

    Thanks again everyone.