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Visual designer generates garbage code


Visual designer generates garbage code

  • Adding some groups to a gallery control in infragistics ribbon bar, and the following code appeared :


        arrayvar0 = NEW "CHARACTER[]"(0).

        @VisualDesigner.FormMember (NeedsInitialize="true").

        DEFINE VARIABLE galleryToolItemGroup1 AS Infragistics.Win.UltraWinToolbars.GalleryToolItemGroup NO-UNDO.

        galleryToolItemGroup1 = NEW Infragistics.Win.UltraWinToolbars.GalleryToolItemGroup("Group2", "Group2", arrayvar0).

    this is bad, right ?

  • Darn tooting!  It's *your* job to generate garbage code, not the tool's!

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  • ah tell yuh boy, these new fangled cumputor thangs have noooo right to interfere like they do. It's mah right tuh right reeel bad code. It's infringin on mah rights.

  • Doh!  I fixed that one in 10.2B.  Please log this with tech support so we can make sure it gets fixed in 10.2a.

    It isn't the code that is bad.  Its just that the computer doesn't understand what a zero-length character array is.

  • Is there a work around for this problem in 10.2A? I installed SP A02 and it did not solve the problem. Only difference for me is it's on a different (non-Infragistics) .Net Control.