we try to connect to an appserver to get a huge number of contacts.

The whole time it work fine but sometimes we get the following error.

ERROR 2010-04-07 16:12:36,060 2865937ms SyncCore                LoadFrom                     -  communication error  while loading
Progress.Open4GL.Exceptions.Open4GLException: 7175
ERROR 2010-04-07 16:12:42,497 2872375ms SyncManager             SynchronizeUser                      - Data sync FAILED. User:  someone
Sync.Tools.Exceptions.CommunicationException: communication error while loading --->  Progress.Open4GL.Exceptions.Open4GLException: 7175

bei  Sync.BusinessLogic.SyncCore.LoadFrom(SyncBusinessEntites p_sbe,  VosSyncUser p_user, String p_sKeyValue, FilterKeyModes p_fkm,  FeatureTypes p_ft, StatusTypes p_st, Boolean p_bIgnoreFilter)
bei  Sync.BusinessLogic.SyncCore.LoadAllDataFrom(VosSyncUser p_user)
bei Sync.BusinessLogic.SyncCore.RunSync(VosSyncUser p_user)
bei Sync.BusinessLogic.SyncUserCapsule.RunUserSync()
bei Sync.BusinessLogic.SyncUserCapsule.RunUnhandled()
bei Sync.BusinessLogic.SyncManager.SynchronizeUser(VosMandator  p_mandator, VosSyncUser p_user, Boolean p_bMasterSyncToUsersNeeded)

Have somebody an idea, how can we solve this problem.

Kind regards